In this post, we’re going to be looking at how to increase the conversion rate for the product you are advertising through Earnify. When selling a product through native advertising, you need to ensure your creative stands out. A captivating image and a title that entices the reader will lead to them clicking on your advertisement. Once they have clicked on your advertisement, you need to ensure that your landing page is tailored to convert, here are a few tips to turn that visitor into a customer.


As the headline is usually the first thing the potential customer will read, you’ll want to keep them on the page. You’ve already captured their attention by achieving a click on your ad, but that click may go to waste if you don’t make them stay on the page.

Try to put a couple of key points about your product in the headline, but keep it short. What product are you trying to sell? Do you have a discount running? Placing these in the headline should help keep the potential customer on the page for longer, eventually leading to a conversion.

Product Details

The main key to achieving a conversion is by providing interesting information about your product. The description of your product should answer any questions your potential customer may have. Ensure it’s not just one massive block of text, though. Break it up into paragraphs, place pictures of your product and/or what your product can do, as to keep the reader interested.

When writing this, keep these questions in mind:

  • What is the product going to do for the potential customer?
  • How will it achieve this?
  • Do you have any studies or information that will make the customer want your product?
  • How does it perform against competitor’s products? (You don’t have to name your competitors, as this could result in the customer going to them)


You want to keep your potential customer focused on your product, and your product only. It’s best to not put any advertisements or distracting content on your landing page, as this could draw your potential customer’s attention away, resulting in the loss of a conversion.


You should place images relevant to the product you’re selling on the page. This will ensure that your landing page isn’t just a big block of text with a purchase button at the bottom, and it helps captivate the potential customer’s attention more.

Images should be based on the product you’re trying to sell. If you’re advertising a dieting pill, having images of the product itself (i.e. an image of the diet pill, the bottle/container, etc), along with images of individuals who have used the diet pill and a before and after picture. If using these images, it’s also important to include how long it took for the weight-loss to occur (i.e. “Before” and “After 8 weeks”). This will help show your potential customer that the product works.

Purchase Button & Price

A larger button has been proven to increase conversion rates, however, the button shouldn’t be too large. Ensure it’s big enough to draw the reader’s attention, and it’s best not to place any images near the button as it may bury or hide it.

The price of your product is also one of the key selling points. While you may already have a price set for your product, do some research and ensure it is comparable (if not cheaper than) your competitor’s. It has been proven that a price of, say, $19.99 performs better than a price of $20.00 – so rather than having a whole figure (i.e. $20.00), knock a few cents off as this will help increase your conversion rate.

Discounts or Limited Time Offers

Another way to help increase your conversion rate is to run a limited time offer or provide a discount on your product. Give the potential customer a sense of security by having them believe they will purchase the product at a lower price – this will boost your sales.

Font & Styling

Selecting the best font for your landing page is key to ensure your potential customers continue reading. Choosing a font that is difficult to read will result in the potential customer leaving the page prematurely, reducing your conversion rate. Good fonts to use are ones that can be read easily, such as:

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma

Styling also plays a key in ensuring the potential customer continues reading. Choose the best positions for your images – don’t put them inside a paragraph and it’s best to avoid putting them between paragraphs, as this will stretch the page out. It’s best to place them in the sidebar, or beside your paragraphs. Highlighting key points of your product description can also draw the reader’s attention to there, however, don’t make it stand out too much. A great way to give key pieces of information quickly is to use bullet points.


Testimonials can be a great way for your potential customer to see what other individuals think about your product. While there are companies/landing pages out there that falsify their testimonials, it’s best to avoid this as it can have a negative impact.

It’s best to have positive testimonials, as this will promote your product further to your potential customer, however negative reviews, or ones with feedback, can be just as good for potential customers.